Monday, 26 March 2012

Vehicle Doorstops & Link to Tutorial

You may remember that I had these doorstops printing in Simply Homemade a while back:
Well I’ve had them returned and am going to have a giveaway with 3 of them.
All you have to do is to become a follower (or already be a follower) of my little blog, and leave me a comment, with your favourite way to travel. If you have a preference for which doorstop you’d prefer, just add that to your comment too & if possible I’ll send that one to you.
These are all sent unfilled so entries worldwide are fine.  I will draw a winner on 6th April (Good Friday & my MIL’s 65th birthday so a good day to celebrate!)
But – if you aren’t lucky enough to win one of these, then you can hop over to the blog Its all about the fabric, where the lovely Emma has asked me to write a tutorial for how to make appliqued doorstops.  You can check out how I made this doorstop
and can make your own appliqued doorstop.  While you’re over there, have a browse of Emma’s blog.  It’s fantastic, full of inspiration and loads of ideas of things to make.
If you don’t win, and you can’t really be bothered to make your own doorstop, I also have this VW doorstop up for sale on The Fabric Marketplace.  Click here to go and check it out, and while you’re there, have a look at their lovely packs of small pieces of fabric, which are just perfect for making appliqued things.
Phew, I think that’s all I have to share today – good luck with the giveaway & enjoy the tutorial on Emma’s blog.


  1. Thanks for doing the Tutorial Sally, I really appreciate it! E x

  2. I prefer to travel by plane, but it's just not feasible for family holidays with 4 kids.

    These doorstops are all so cute! I especially like the train one, THANKS for the chance!

    and I follow your blog :)

  3. I'm a happy follower!
    I prefer to travel via Shank's pony!!
    I like the bus doorstop best

  4. Hi, also already a keen follower! I love them all and did when I originally saw then in SH. My favourite way to travel is either in my car with me driving, as I get motion sick otherwise! Or on the train where I can fall asleep on strangers' shoulders! xx

  5. I am a ne follower! Love the doortops and thanks so much for the tutorial.I especially love the one with the roller. So cute!I love to travel by train.

  6. I'm a new follower and I love these doorstops! The train one is my favourite and that has to be my favourite way to travel as well.

  7. I'm a follower and cute van doorstops! I prefer to travel by airplane . Thanks :)

  8. Shiny new follower :) I prefer to travel by train (someone else does the driving and I can read/soak in scenery)
    I'd prefer the moped one but they are lovely so if by some fluke chance I win I'd happily have any of them xx

  9. I'm a new follower and cycling is the best way to go! Cath

  10. Already a follower!

    Love the door stops, think my MR would like to win one too! lol!!!

    I like to travel by car when being driven by my man so that i can admire the scenery. Especially since we moved to what i call the countryside (he doesnt) and i can bird and wildlife watch.

    Fingers crossed!!! x

  11. I follow and love them all but I hate traveling.

  12. I am a follower!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. the train, the train. my dad would adore it (not that he's train obsessed or anything!) fingers totally crossed x

  14. My favourite way to travel is by car so I can have the stereo on :) your doorstops are just gorgeous, you are so clever!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  15. They are all so cute, and we use doorstops here because we live on top of a hill and always have a strong breeze. When the windows are open, the doors slam shut without a doorstop! I'm a new follower! We prefer to travel by car...our own schedule, we can bring all the stuff we want, go wherever we feel like going and see the country!


  16. I like to travel by car so I can see the scenery. I like the red bus best!

  17. I like to travel by train because you can get up, move around, buy lunch and generally relax more than you can in a car. Thanks for this chance to win. I love the train and it's lovely rainboz colours.

  18. I love traveling by plane. I have 3 small boys, believe me the scenery in a long car trip is overrated! Just get me there before I lose my temper!

  19. I love travelling by train, it's great that you can move about, but be travelling fast at the same time. If I win I would love the train one or the bus, my son would love either! I'm already a follower. :) x

  20. Sally, please could you let me know which issue of Simply Homemade your original article was in? I have all the magazines back copies, but can't find the article! Thanks,